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5 Glass Artists who are Currently Blowing Minds

A piece of plain old glass can turn into a masterpiece of art in the hands of a person with imagination and artistic skills. Glass blowers or glass smiths with their amazing talents create stunning pieces of art. We present five of the best glass blowing artists today.

glass art

1. Dale Chihuly:

Chihuly’s works often resemble large-scale sculptures. Blinded in one eye and suffering shoulder injuries. Chihuly chose to be more a supervisor than a participant of his creations. He and his team have created art worth several million. His art has found its’ way to notable locations such as University of Wisconsin, St. Peter’s Church in New York city and Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle. Dale’s work represents a departure from the past. He pioneered a new way of working, utilizing gravity and centrifugal force to let molten glass find its shape in its own organic way. Asymmetry and irregularity is a defining principle of his work.

2. Mika Aoki:

Japanese artist, Mika Aoki’s works, is inspired by her belief that ‘life is the core of life itself. Life coexists on earth and to sustain life another life is needed. Her intricate glass sculptors inspired by natural forms leaves the audience mesmerized. To her, it is important that she be able to control the solid-liquid state of her material and creating captivating pieces of art.

3. William Morris:

Master Glass artist William Morris has the ability to manipulate blown glass into the optical equivalence of bone, wood, stone, and leather. Morris’s sculptures of spirited forms seem beyond the physical and chemical possibilities of glass.Educated at California State University-Chico and Central Washington University, Morris entered the world of glass art as a truck driver for the Pilchuck Glass School. While there, he learned the art and eventually worked his way up to the role of instructor.

4. LinoTagliapietra:

Glassblowing artists today have LinoTagliapietra to thank for many of the processes and techniques that have become the industry norm. Tagliapietra grew up on the Italian island of Murano, where glass making has been a tradition since 1291. He first entered the field at the tender age of 12 and became a maestro at 25. Since then he has continued to create exquisite art pieces and also train aspiring artists. He produces his own colors that he uses almost exclusively in his own work. His pieces exist in museums and galleries all over the world, with an impressive piece — a 35-boat glass armada — located at the Columbus Art Museum in the United States.

5. Charlene Foster:

Charlene Foster moved to the United States from the Philippines when she was just ten years old. She discovered her passion for glassblowing at Avon Place Glass in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has studied at The Boston Center for Adult Education, Penland School of Arts and Crafts, the prestigious Pilchuck Glass School, and the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.Based in Brooklyn, Foster is creating customized glass jewelry for museums and high-end customers.