Glass Art to Decorate your Home

Types of Glass Art to Decorate your Home

Introduction: We all appreciate feeling comfortable at home. The place we live is the place where we want to feel safe, it’s the place where we want to be able to fully be ourselves, it’s the place where we can relax and enjoy little aspects of life. A place like this should be properly decorated, […]

Fused Glass Art

A History of Fused Glass Art

Introduction: Let the kiln rest for a while. You are about to read a concise yet informative History of fused glass art. It’s alright if you didn’t understand the mention to kiln. You see, fused glass is glass that has been put inside a kiln at high temperatures so it can be worked as sculpture […]

Learn the Basic Tips and Tricks on How to Paint Glass

You don’t have to be a professional to create glass paintings at home. It can be a relaxing exercise, and you can learn it in the afternoon. Here are some tips on how to go about painting glass. You don’t need expensive glassware: The glassware is only the base for your painting, and you sure […]

glass art

5 Glass Artists who are Currently Blowing Minds

A piece of plain old glass can turn into a masterpiece of art in the hands of a person with imagination and artistic skills. Glass blowers or glass smiths with their amazing talents create stunning pieces of art. We present five of the best glass blowing artists today. 1. Dale Chihuly: Chihuly’s works often resemble […]