Glass Art to Decorate your Home

Types of Glass Art to Decorate your Home


We all appreciate feeling comfortable at home. The place we live is the place where we want to feel safe, it’s the place where we want to be able to fully be ourselves, it’s the place where we can relax and enjoy little aspects of life. A place like this should be properly decorated, should it not? You don’t want to relax staring at a blank wall, and you surely won’t feel safe with a horrific demon statue in the living room. I know, there are exceptions, but nevertheless, there’s no place like home, right?

Glass Art to Decorate your Home

It is important to know how to decorate your home, assuming you want a home instead of a lair.

Types of Glass Arts:

Let’s then take a walk through some different types of glass art for you to choose which ones best suit you and your family.

If you are a traditional person, you may find great joy in having around some of the most ancient glass art of the western world, or at least replicas of them. Just picture your living room inside your head and see, wherever you think is adequate, an old and shining roman era glass cup filtering the pale sunbeams of the farewell biding afternoon. You may be having almost the exact same vision of ancient roman nobles. Their perception, so long gone, will be closer than you might imagine.

If you are not traditional at all we can feel good around one of these modern sculptures that makes no sense for the uninitiated. But you are not an uninitiated, your eyes are trained, your mind can and will decipher those curves and spirals every day a little bit more, until the meaning of it all renews itself in unexplored mysteries. Those mysteries shall not be everlasting for you though and your home will be a kind of temple of art, one only you can truly understand; it’s your home after all.

Just make sure your dog or cat doesn’t break the mystery once and for all.

If you want to keep it simple and just enjoy the beauty of the light on the glass you can try a glass panel. Set it up next to a window and watch the magic happens before you. Beware if you have kids, though, they can find the panels to be attractive targets for hard things, like stones or remote controls.

If you don’t care that much about decoration and just want something to make you home feel a little cozier, you can try bottles. They are simple, they can be placed practically anywhere and you can choose between a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors.


I’ve almost forgotten to tell about the big advantage glass art has. It is really easy to clean. Since it’s made of glass, it has no problems with water, so you can simply wash it when you fell the piece needs some extra cleaning.

Oh, another thing. If you are a clumsy person you should be extra careful. Your dog may break your glass art, your kid may break your glass art, but don’t forget that you too can break your glass art.